Trees for Honolulu's Future
Trees for Honolulu's Future


Honolulu is Hot

Trees are Cool

Urban tree canopy helps us stay cool as climate warms

Canopy cover, the amount of leaf surface area, drives the benefit of an urban forest. At only 20% canopy cover, Honolulu lags behind other cities and the gap is growing as our canopy is currently decreasing. Some cities that have mounted campaigns to plant trees, such as Pittsburgh, have achieved over 40% canopy cover.


Let's get Honolulu to
35% canopy cover by 2035!


What we do!

Arbor Day poster contest 2017 at the State Capitol

Arbor Day poster contest 2017 at the State Capitol

  • Raise public awareness about the benefits of trees

  • Develop curriculum for schools

  • Provide information to guide tree planting

  • Increase public and private funding of tree planting and maintenance

  • Identify neighborhoods with the lowest canopy cover and coordinate efforts between government, private and community groups to plan, find resources and plant!


Mayor Caldwell, Board members and supporters of Trees for Honolulu's Future plant a tree at the Ala Wai golf course in honor of the Proclamation declaring March 9, 2018 Trees for Honolulu's Future Day.
The Mayor announced the City's commitment to the goal of 35% urban tree canopy by 2035 and to plant 100,000 trees by 2025. Photo courtesy of the City and County of Honolulu.


Keiki Arbor Day Poster Contest 2018!


What trees do!

  • Trees create shade plus use transpiration to lower temperatures up to 9 degrees

  • Tree leaves trap dust, smoke and pollen, and absorb polluting gases

  • Trees around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30%

  • Honolulu receives a 300% return for investing in tree care!


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