LATEST ISSUE: November 22, 2023, Much to be Thankful for!

November 3, 2023, Today is Arbor Day 🌳 in Hawai’i nei

October 2023, Trees Make a Difference & So Do YOU!

August 2023, Loving the Power of Trees

July 2023, summer reading recommendations and more

May 2023, keep abreast of tree events islandwide with our useful 🗓️ calendar

April 2023 Earth Month 🌎 featuring future generations

December 2022 — Wai, water, is Life

November 4, 2022 — Arbor Day In Hawai’i Nei

August 2022 — The Heat is On! 🥵 “Cranking up the air conditioning is just not going to cut it”. 

April 22, 2022, Earth 🌏 Day: youth, and young at heart, leading!

February 14, 2022, Valentine’s Day, about LOVE, of course.

December 31, 2021 – Hau’oli Makahiki Hou. Looking Forward.

November 2021 – “Trees for Honolulu’s Future on this Thanksgiving Season is Filled With Gratitude”

October 2021 – “Take action and be in the know…”

July 2021 – “Heat Kills – we are being warned”

June 2021 – Summer Solstice, “Longest day of the year – Happy Summer”

April 2021 – “Trees are Wise…inspiration for Earth Day and Everyday”

March 2021 – “What COVID-19 has taught us about Climate Change”

December 2020 – “A story of hope and birth as we head into the New Year”

November 2020 – “What’s going on at Trees for Honolulu’s Future?”

September 2020 – “Missed the Live Show? Secrets of Kaimuki Parks revealed…” 

September 2020 – General Election Guide “What kind of psychopath doesn’t like trees?”

July 2020 – Primary Election Survey “Vote with the Trees in Mind”

April 2020 – “Earth Day is Everyday”

February 2020 – Kicking the Year Off, “On the Go”

December 2019 – Ending the year on a HI note thanks to you

November 2019 – “With much appreciation and THANKS(giving)” 

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