Tree Inquiries & Protections

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Government Numbers:

Here’s a list of all government numbers for tree-related inquiries.

How to Request a Street Tree

Call the Department of Parks and Recreation, Horticulture Services Branch at 808-971-7151. Staff will visit the site and consider your request. If approved, they will plant the tree designated for your neighborhood. Keep in mind that budgets are limited and not all requests will be approved. They will prune the tree, but you will be responsible for watering.


DAMAGING A STREET TREE IS PUNISHABLE BY UP TO $500 FINE AND 6 MONTHS INCARCERATION. Injuring a tree through the following means is a crime: blocking water and air to the by filling in the area around it, piling things around it, pouring poison nearby, trauma from a vehicle or animal, and putting a cable, rope or fastener on it.

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