Trees for Honolulu's Future
Trees for Honolulu's Future


What’s Happening?



Join the Mālama Tree Crew brought to you by our friends at Sierra Club Hawaii.

Plant a Tree Save the Sea is an Malama Maunalua partnership with various organizations to plant trees across Maunalua watershed region. They provide free trees to participating landowners and have a wide range of species including lemons and limes as well as natives like 'o'hia, koa and ʻaʻaliʻi. Email for details and tree requests.



This Civil Beat piece (10/17/2019) quotes by TFHF Panel of Adviser Member Camilo Mora and Director Matt Gonser. Its a good reminder that getting to a goal is usually never a straight line or easy.

More Trees Need to Combat Greenhouse Gases (9/29/2019) column makes the case for trees and features Panel of Adviser Dr. Camilo Mora and his work/goals for this year, next year, and the future.

Fascinating summary of a study on the heat island effect that quantifying the percent canopy coverage needed to make a difference from the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators website. This is an indication that the work Trees for Honolulu’s Future, our partners, and countless other groups, around the nation, is capturing the attention of policymakers.

Is this the New Normal? (9/23/2019) Civil Beat article on climate change in Hawaii features TFHF Board Member Matt Gonser and Panel of Adviser Camilo Mora.

National news reinforces the value of our local efforts. These National Public Radio stories (9/3/2019) and (9/4/2019) about trees, their benefits and the link to wealth/poverty are worth a listen/read.

Successful Kickoff of Trees for Kaimuki (7/27/2019) as reported by KHON-TV.

HOT? Record temperatures across Hawaii and the USA. Excellent overview article on how urban trees aren't the only answer, but a component of a holistic way to address the issue.

Gold Standard. TFHF mentioned in this heartfelt Honolulu Magazine (July 2019) column on trees.

Speak for the trees! Founding President Emeritus Tom Dinell pens a unique approach to underscoring the value of trees in this Civil Beat piece.

Innovation in Action! The City Administration is looking out for trees. We’ve got great representatives from the City & County of Honolulu on our Board — Matt Gonser and Terri Koike — as well as numerous officials on our Panel of Advisers.

Sobering. Josh Sanbro, member of Trees for Honolulu's Future Panel of Advisers, and head of Honolulu’s Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency, is quoted in this timely piece (May 19, 2019) on the changing level of carbon in our atmosphere.

“Urban Honolulu has lost 76,000 trees in the last four years, aerial survey finds” (April 15, 2019) Video coverage of Trees for Kaimuki initiative working to make change and reverse this disturbing trend.

“Follow Civil Beat’s Lead on Planting Trees” (March 19, 2019) TFHF Executive Director, Daniel Dinell on Civil Beat staff taking a lead on planting trees and introducing a new initiative, Trees for Kaimuki.

UH Mānoa trees nationally recognized 10th straight year (February 26, 2019) Features Board Member, Roxanne Adams and the great work of her team!

Initiative focuses on more trees in Oahu’s concrete jungle (November 4, 2018) Features several TFHF Board Members!

"Mayor wants to plant 100,000 tress in urban Honolulu by 2025" (March 9, 2018) Video coverage on the March 9, 2018 Trees for Honolulu's Future conference

Mayor Caldwell Announces Goal of 35% Urban Canopy by 2035 (March 2, 2018) Video of the Mayor's announcement accompanied by a tree planting.


"Trees for Honolulu's Future (Out and About)" (Feb 27, 2018)

Interview with Trees For Honolulu's Future Board Member, Dr. Lisa Marten.


Smart living hawaii: talk story

“Sustainable Leaders Series explores the benefits of trees and how it affects our community, climate and future!” (October 4, 2019)

Interview with Trees for Honolulu's Future President, Daniel Dinell.

HPR: The Conversation

"Trees for Honolulu's Future Growing our Urban Forest" (March 8, 2018)

Interview with Trees for Honolulu's Future Founding President Emeritus, Tom Dinell.